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Office chair cleaning London


   Office chair cleaning London     Down and Dirty with your office chair

Supporting you; embracing you and making sure you’re comfortable; helping you make it through each and every day, even sharing mealtimes when you’re too busy to get away.


How can you be so cruel as to neglect your most faithful friend and helpmeet?


And yet you probably do.


You probably give no more thought to maintaining your office chair than you do to the transfer market in the Estonian volleyball league.


Even though you probably spend more time in your office chair than you do in your bed!


How can you stand to be so cruel?


Your office chair was, I hope, designed to be ergonomic and comfortable; strong and robust; durable. It was chosen to look good, to perform well and to help promote good posture and a healthy working environment.


Of course, in order to do all that it has to come into intimate contact with your posterior, and your hands, and quite probably a fair few morsels of those deskbound sandwich lunches, and of course, by the normal nature of things a certain amount of dirt, dust, grime and grease will make its wicked way into the works and into the fabric of this home from home, this sanctuary you call your chair.


Cleaning office chairs is something that should be a big part of the regime of every office, in the same way that PAT testing and backing up your computer are part of the regime.


Chairs that get a regular clean are more hygienic, more attractive and less prone to wear than those that are neglected.


Clean chairs say a great deal about you and the company to visitors too; just reflect for a moment: if you went into an office as a customer and all the seats on view were grimy and grease-stained. Would it make you feel confident that here was a company that would deliver for you? Probably not, and yet we are often blind to such things in our own workplaces.

And if you’re thinking that because you have a mesh chair, or a vinyl chair rather than fabric that this doesn’t apply to you or to your office, have another look. In every grove and cranny, in every little corner and at every point of contact between you and your chair there will almost certainly be areas of dust, grease and everyday grime. All things that will affect not only how your chair looks, but also how it performs and how well it lasts…and on a personal level, it also affects how it feels to you, and even perhaps how you feel in yourself. Sitting down day after day in a chair that is perhaps a little unsavoury is going to be less appealing and inviting than sitting down in a fresh, clean and well-maintained seat, just as getting into a bed with fresh, clean linen is a more pleasant experience than when the sheets are feeling a little ‘used’.

I haven’t been able to find a study or any research to quote here, but I have a strong suspicion that there may even be a link between dirty office furniture and persistent absenteeism, so there’s even a case to be made for the regular cleaning of chairs on the basis of promoting good health among the workforce!


Have a look at your own chair now, and think how much it will repay you for a little TLC and a good clean! Contact PCS for a professional deep clean of your office chairs

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