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If you are an average office worker in the UK you will spend more waking hours in intimate contact with your office chair than you will with any piece of furniture in your own home, including your bed. You would probably therefore like to think that this constant companion during your working hours was a clean, fresh and hygienic one. In reality, unless it is brand new and straight out of its wrappings or receives frequent professional cleaning, it is highly unlikely to be so.

The fact is that many businesses still stint on professional cleaning for their office chairs. This is surprising really when you consider that quality chairs are a considerable investment and when in pristine condition add greatly to projecting a professional image. Another surprising fact is that the workers who sit on these chairs tend to treat them completely differently from the chairs they have at home. Most are proud to maintain clean furniture and fittings in their houses but do not take the same interest in their work environment, considering such matters to be a responsibility for their employer. So, if neither worker or employer is bothering much with the cleanliness of their office chairs what happens?

Well, not surprisingly the chairs get increasingly dirty and begin to show visible muck and to harbour a range of scarcely visible or microscopic inhabitants. The things that share your chair, day after day, often include:

  • Yours and your colleagues dead skins cells (the majority constituent of dust).
  • Hairs.
  • Decaying food and drink.
  • Particles of office products such as printer toner and paper dust and fibres.
  • Mould
  • Organic solvent vapours.
  • Pollens.
  • Air pollutants.
  • Micro-organisms such as bacteria.

That’s quite a list and those of just the major categories. Some of these uninvited sharers of your chair can become skin irritants, some pose a theoretical threat of infection and some will just plain make a mess of your clothing or start to smell. Many people only realise that their chair could do with a spring clean when that smell occurs.

Why on earth would you want to be in contact with anything that dirty? You wash your clothes and yourself regularly, why not your office chair – which is probably making a great contribution to making your clothes dirty?

The best thing that can happen is for your office chair to be professionally cleaned on a frequent basis. In the meantime you can take a few simple steps to improving the hygiene of your chair by:

  • Getting the office cleaning staff to run their vacuum cleaners over it.
  • Not eating at your desk or least making a makeshift place mat to catch the crumbs and drips.
  • Spot cleaning small spills
  • Dusting the thing each day
  • Maintaining good personal hygiene (chairs and phones are the most contaminated items in an average office – with, wait for it, around 500 species of bacteria and a square inch germ count spiralling up into the tens of thousands).

Thoroughly clean office chairs are integral to an aesthetically pleasing office environment and to healthy, motivated workers. Your chair should not just be adjustable and lumbar supporting, it should be clean. It’s there to support you, not to make you dirty or ill




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