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Getting to grips with Altro safety flooring

Getting to Grips with Altro Safety Flooring If you’ve gone to the expense and trouble of fitting a good anti-slip flooring such as Altro, but haven’t gone the extra mile to ensure that the cleaning of that floor is done correctly then you might find that your floor isn’t as anti-slip or as good looking as you hoped it was going to be. The correct treatment for a high tech flooring material is essential for ensuring that the material carries on doing what you expect it to do for many years. Failure to ensure that the surface stays anti-slip might well result in just the kinds of accidents you installed the flooring to help avoid! Cleaning Altro or similar flooring as though it was a regular vinyl or terrazzo floor may get it looking pretty good, but it’s going to leave a residue on the surface that renders the anti-slip aspect of the flooring useless. Additionally, that residue can build up over time leaving your floor looking tired and old before it’s time. For example: if your environment is dusty; such as you might find when the builders have been in, with plaster and stone dust finding its way onto every surface, then regular cleaning may seem to do the trick on your floor, but in fact you will need to employ a cleaning solution to neutralise the pH of the dust. However, if the floor is heavily soiled but not dusty it will need an appropriate alkaline cleaning solution, which will then in turn need tom be neutralised if you are going to retain the looks and functionality of the flooring you’ve invested so much in fitting. At PCS we have the expertise and materials necessary to keep your Altro floor looking great and performing as it should irrespective of the type of environment in which it’s installed, resulting in fewer accidents, a much longer period before you have to think about replacement and a great looking, hygienic workspace.