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Modern life is full of filters

Modern life is full of filters, and thank goodness for them! Your vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be effective without them, and your dishwasher might not get the plates and glasses very clean, your computer would be in trouble if it didn’t clean out the dust and fluff before it hit the sensitive inner parts. So what about your office?

If you have air-conditioning you’ll find filters in there, so you might be excused for thinking the air you breath is fairly clean, but in fact there will still be a lot of dust, particulates and dirt around, even in the cleanest of offices. But I’m ignoring the biggest filter of all, and the chances are you haven’t even noticed that I’ve not mentioned it, because we rarely think of a carpet as a filter; it’s just something to make the floor more comfortable to walk on, to make the environment look feel and sound better than a bare floor might. However, a carpet’s fibres trap and hold an astonishing amount of dirt and dust.

All the tiny fragments of everything from human skin to vegetable matter that float around in the air is still subject to gravity, and will, if not constantly disturbed by movement, eventually fall down, to settle on surfaces and of course onto that carpet. The material from which your carpet is made will have a major effect on how well or poorly it does the job of cleaning your air: natural fibres like wool are generally better than man-made, tufted carpets will work more efficiently that corded, but they all, to one extent or another, trap the kind of dust and matter that can cause asthma, allergies and irritations in sensitive people. But what happens when a filter gets clogged? It stops being effective! A vacuum cleaner with a clogged filter will lose suction. A dishwasher with dirty filters will move dirty water around and leave streaks and marks on glass. And a carpet that isn’t deep-cleaned will eventually start to feed particulates back into the air rather than trapping and holding them away from our lungs. A regular clean with a good vacuum cleaner is fine for everyday maintenance, but it will only go so far in ridding your carpet of its burden. SO to maintain a healthy office, and a cleaner working environment, it’s important to schedule a regular deep clean with a reputable cleaning company. Only by doing this will you keep the biggest filter in your building working to full efficiency. PCS floor care cleans using the finest equipment and materials, and for the best results.